Malaysia's Online Sports Betting

We tend to make bets on our favourite teams whenever we get together with a group of good friends. Wagering in sports is an ongoing tradition that predates online casinos and we fully understand that it is a thrilling endeavour to make predictions and watch as your players or sportsmen maneuver in your favour. We want to be a part of these exhilarating moments and share in on your excitement. Why not take it further and place a bet on your favourite teams with us? We have exactly what you need for online betting in Malaysia to ensure you don’t miss out on the action.

What is sports betting?

Our casino would be incomplete without the traditional games that continue to be a fan favourite. We fully acknowledge that the sporting world is a dominant one. Everyone has a favourite team or participant which thus gives way to different kinds of sports betting, we offer football betting. A rich variety of sports betting is available for your preference. We have an acquired assortment from corner betting to odd-and-even bets to ensure that you bank on your favourite teams throughout their matches and tournaments. There are plenty more kinds of football bets including total goal bets and over-and-under bets. Go for the one you are most confident and cheer for your teams as they play with ferocity and exciting skill.

Sports betting has always been a favourite of fans around the world, that is why we are bringing it to your screens, too. Whatever team you choose to offer vehement support to– whether it is a favourite national team you are rooting for, or La Liga is the tournament of the month– we can accommodate you and join you in every celebration.

Sports betting is a popular gambling game that provides you the thrill and rush of real-life sports betting from the comfort of your home. Get to know the teams you are rooting for and place your bets on who you believe is the best team, the most talented players and the grand winner of the match. With sports betting, tune in to several games that are broadcast all over the globe to millions of other fans just like you.

Home to Sportsbooks WBet and Onebook, Deluxe Win gives you an insider’s view of the top betting going on in the country. With football being arguably the most popular sport in the world, it is no surprise that millions of people place wagers on each game, hoping that their chosen team is crowned the champion. Whether you are a superfan of the small matches or prefer to place your eyes on the international matches, we give you the best seats in the house for the greatest matches and exciting watches.


WBet (WinningFT) is a globally recognised sportsbook; a software that allows betters to place their wagers on matches going on around the world at real time. Place your wagers here for your predictions on corner kicks, total scores and several other enthralling football plays.


Established in 2011, Onebook (Maxbet/IBCbet) has risen to the forefront of the Sportsbooks, providing you with efficient and trusted wagering services.

With these programs, you gain exclusive access to thousands of events monthly from all over the world and rapid responses from the traders working efficiently to attend to your bets. If you are concerned about the security of your details, do not be. At Deluxe Win we work hard so that you don’t have to. Our systems are top-of-the-line and enforce several security measures to ensure that your details are kept secure whilst you place your bets.